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Join us for our live stream Sunday morning service as we worship our God and learn from His Word.

Song: “We Cry Out”
Welcome & Announcements
Scripture Reading & Prayer
Song: “We Fall Down”
Song: “Children and Kings”
Message: “Praying the Scriptures: The 23rd Psalm”
Offering & Closing Prayer
Song: “All I Need Is You”

We meet in person and on Facebook Live Stream each Sunday morning at 10:30. Our band will lead us in a few songs and then one of our pastors will teach from the Bible. We invite you to become a fully committed follower of Jesus and a member of our church family. If we can help you take the next step, please contact us.

Our CCLI Copyright License # is 137759. Our CCLI Streaming License # is 20380732. Both licenses were in effect on the date of recording and date of upload, and we will keep these licenses in effect as long as we have video and/or audio posted anywhere online.