Visitor Information

What you need to know

Sunday Morning Service starts at 10:30

If you come early we serve coffee and other beverages at 10:00 a.m.  We spend this time talking to friends and guests as we prepare ourselves for worship.

Child Care

Children are welcome to sit with their families. Currently we are not offering childcare during our Sunday morning service. If we see more families with young children we will add child care as needed. All Nursery and Children's Workers have been been trained and undergo a background check for your children's safety.

Dress Code

Nope.  We don't have one.  Please feel free to come as you are.  You will find people wearing everything from flip flops and shorts to suits and ties at Crestwood Church.  It is a wonderful thing that everyone can wear what they want and not be judged.  Do you like to dress up?  Well then do it.  Are you running late?  Well, put your hair up in a pony tail and forget the makeup.


We sing mostly upbeat contemporary Christian music, but we love to throw in an old favorite hymn from time to time.  Our Praise Team is highly energetic and engaging.  Raise your hands & stomp your feet, we won't mind.  If listening quietly is more your your style, that is OK too.

Who are we?

We are a diverse cross section of Des Moines.  We are young couples with children and retirees.  We are teenagers and the middle aged.  We are blue collar workers and professionals.  We are married, single, divorced and widowed. We are the haves and the have-nots.  We are multi ethnic.  We are everybody.  Don't worry about "fitting in," you will be welcomed here.

What to expect

We are very casual and welcoming.  The service is pretty casual as well.  We will sing a few songs of praise, then Pastor Eugene will deliver a message from scripture.  We will be done a little before noon, but we usually hang out and visit for awhile.  We would love to visit with you.