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Something Brand New – Full Service

Welcome & Announcements Scripture & Prayer Worship with Our Songs of Praise Song:  “There Is Power In The Blood” Song:  “Lord I Lift Your Name On High” Song:  “Made To Worship” Time in the Word “Brand: New” - Pastor Eugene Guthrie Response to the Word Song:  “Lord I Give You My Heart” Worship through the Giving of Our Tithes & Offerings Prayer of Consecration Offertory: “Glorious Day/Living He Loved Me” Dismissal  
Jesus Finishes His Earthly Mission
He Is Risen!
Jesus Gives His Life As A Ransom For Many
Transformed: Take Every Thought Captive
Transformed: How to Get Closer to God
Jesus is Condemned
In the time of despair
Jesus Prayed for Us
Be Courageous!
Connected to the Vine
Life Transformation in 2024
Be Transformed
Christmas Eve Candlelight Service
God With Us
No Hesitation
A Change of Plans
Jesus Gives Us Peace
Jesus is the Way
Jesus Gives A New Command
Jesus Demonstrates Humility
Jesus Came to Save the World
Jesus Enters Jerusalem
The Plot to Kill Jesus
Lazarus, Come Out!
Secure in the Father’s Hands
The Good Shepherd
The Blind Will See
Jesus at the Festival of Shelters (Part 3)
Jesus at the Festival of Shelters (Part 2)
Jesus at the Festival of Shelters
A Difficult Teaching
The Bread of Life
Feeding Five Thousand
Who is the Son of Man?
A Healing at Bethesda
Jesus heals an official’s son
A Conversation with a Samaritan Woman
You Must Believe In The Son
Cleaning the Temple
The Generosity of Jesus
The Word
Now What
The Best News Ever
God’s Top Ten, Part 5
God’s Top Ten, Part 4
God’s Top Ten, Part 3
God’s Top Ten, Part 2
Lies Christians Believe, Part Two
God’s Top Ten, Part 1 – God First
Lies Christians Believe, Part One
The Testing of Our Faith
Daily Disciplines
Relationships That Grow My Faith
Teach Me O Lord
Big Faith – Five Keys
Christmas is For Everyone, Everywhere
Christmas is Love
Christmas is Generosity
Love Tells The Truth
Waiting Kindly
The Road Signs of Respect
The King Has One More Move
I can do all things through Christ
The Power of Humility
Ending Envy
Kindness: God’s Love in Action
The Supremacy of Love
The Power of Your Story
Praying Scripture: Psalm 64
Seven Commandments of Christ
Truth Of Being A Believer
Road Trip Prep
The Priestly Prayer: Unity
Walk This Way
How to Lead a Spirit-filled Life
Never Forget
The BEST News
GO! Prayerfully
GO! Passionately
GO! Publicly
Go! Powerfully!
Mission Accomplished
The Jesus Equation
New & Improved
Journey With Jesus
The Power of Persistent Prayer
The Living Dead
The Gospel According to JESUS
Are You a Toucher or a Thronger?
This is the Way
Imago Dei
The Old is Gone / The New is Here
Baby Steps in Faith
You’ve heard it was said… Now I say…
What is the Trinity?
Prophets, Priests, & Kings
Encountering God
The Power of Belief
Speak Life: Words of Eternal Worth
Speak Life: The Art of Gratefulness
Speak Life: Words of Confrontation
Speak Life: The Power of the Tongue
The Full Armor of God: Time to Suit Up
The Lord’s Army: Time To Rise Up
God’s Amazing Grace
Christ In Charge
Our Unchanging God
El Shaddai
O God Where Art Thou
Describing the Indescribable
Talk This Way!
Master Over Disaster
Words to Live By
How Great A Salvation
Eugene’s Testimony – Audio Only
Faith: Alive and Evident – Love Lifted Me
A Random Christmas
Advent: The Promised Savior
It’s Our Time Now
Focused in Prayer
Younited States Of America
He’s Still Got the Whole World in His Hands
Easter Sunday Full Service
Palm Sunday Full Service
5 Truths to Remember
Praying in the Midst of Pain
Christmas Eve Communion Service
GOD and My Problems: Peace
A Legacy that Lasts
Flowing from the Mountain Top
No More Excuses
Are You Washed In The Blood
Encountering God
Working 9 to 5
Leading Like Jesus
The God Who Sees You
One Thing
The Power of an Invitation
Making Friends For Eternity: Building Bridges
Leading Great
Peter Walks On Water
The Sacrifices of Thanksgiving
Gaining Through Godliness
God’s Story, the Big Plan
The Answer is Easter
Gospel Conversations, Sharing Your Faith with 3 Circles
Reading the Bible: A Habit For Life
God and I are Going To… (Full Service)
Citizenship 101 – Full Service
Walking in Newness of Life – Full Service
The Invitation – Full Service
Now’s the Time – Full Service
Ordination of Jon Olsen – Full Service
What is normal? – Full Service
Someone’s Knocking at Your Door – Full Service
Freedom Responsibility – Full Service
The Invitation of a Lifetime – Full Service
Something Brand New – Full Service
What Does Love Require of Me – Full Service
When is it OK not to Recycle? – Full Service
Freedom in Christ – Full Service
Something New – Full Service
Why We Believe – Full Service
Hope: The Anchor of My Soul – Full Service
Running Well & Finishing Strong – Full Service
Preparing for the New Year – Full Service
Easter Sunday – Full Service (Video)