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Citizenship 101 – Full Service

Welcome & Announcements Scripture & Prayer Worship with Our Songs of Praise

Song:  “Star Spangled Banner”

Song:  “America the Beautiful”

Song:  “Power in the Blood”

Time in the Word

“Citizenship 101” — Pastor Eugene


Song:  “Trust & Obey”

Worship through the Giving of Our Tithes & Offerings



Song:  “Even If”

It’s Our Time Now
Focused in Prayer
Younited States Of America
He’s Still Got the Whole World in His Hands
Easter Sunday Full Service
Palm Sunday Full Service
5 Truths to Remember
Praying in the Midst of Pain
Christmas Eve Communion Service
GOD and My Problems: Peace
A Legacy that Lasts
Flowing from the Mountain Top
No More Excuses
Are You Washed In The Blood
Encountering God
Working 9 to 5
Leading Like Jesus
The God Who Sees You
One Thing
The Power of an Invitation
Making Friends For Eternity: Building Bridges
Leading Great
Peter Walks On Water
The Sacrifices of Thanksgiving
Gaining Through Godliness
God’s Story, the Big Plan
The Answer is Easter
Gospel Conversations, Sharing Your Faith with 3 Circles
Reading the Bible: A Habit For Life
God and I are Going To… (Full Service)
Citizenship 101 – Full Service
Walking in Newness of Life – Full Service
The Invitation – Full Service
Now’s the Time – Full Service
Ordination of Jon Olsen – Full Service
What is normal? – Full Service
Someone’s Knocking at Your Door – Full Service
Freedom Responsibility – Full Service
The Invitation of a Lifetime – Full Service
Something Brand New – Full Service
What Does Love Require of Me – Full Service
When is it OK not to Recycle? – Full Service
Freedom in Christ – Full Service
Something New – Full Service
Why We Believe – Full Service
Hope: The Anchor of My Soul – Full Service
Running Well & Finishing Strong – Full Service
Preparing for the New Year – Full Service
Easter Sunday – Full Service (Video)